• No third side fee
  • Orders build by sellers
  • Exchange between buyer and seller address directly

Buyers / sellers should build / buy orders only if they have balance that can cover this order.

Seller can build one order on the same ticker!.

Buyer can reserve one order in one time.

Seller can remove his order from orderbook while order has not confirmed status.

After buyer reserved orders system will wait 5 minutes maximum for accept from seller before clear this order!

Buyer can`t remove reservation. He need wait accept from seller or 5 minutes if seller not accept.

After order confirmed buyer and seller should not have pending transaction on address or balance less than in order

Order can be cleared by system if buyer not have balance to cover order or have mismatch nonce.

Order can be deleted by system if owner not have balance to cover order or have mismatch nonce.

After both payment success and order get status completed wait while transactions will stored in blockchain and order move to history.

By entering into the service you agree that service is not responsible for your decisions, actions, or losses that result from using this service